Americans Moving to Holland

American citizens enjoy special immigration treatment in Holland.  The Dutch American Friendship Treaty offers each American citizen the right to set up a small private company in Holland with an investment of less than € 5000.00. On the basis of such a company, the owner can then apply for a Dutch  work visa (verblijfsvergunning). The entire process can take as little as four months. You will usually be issued with a six month temporary visa while you are waiting for the government to rule on your application for a work visa. In that six months, you can already start to work.

This is a great option for small scale entrepreneurs, consultants and service providers like web designers, etc. who want to live and work in Europe. It can also offer possibilities for the American wife or husband of a Dutch citizen to move to Holland even when the Dutch husband or wife does not earn enough to meet the usual minimum Dutch income requirements.

Please call for more information if you are thinking of moving to Holland. The number when calling from inside Holland is 06-2249-6023. When calling from the US, the number is 001-31-6-2249-6023.